The Best Supplements for Health are All About Potent Ingredients

If you are someone who is conscious about health, most likely you are looking into how — or have already taken necessary steps — to assure quality of life and perhaps its longevity. Granted, seeking out the best supplements for health in this respect can be quite challenging, unless you know what to look out for.

Before we go on, it is prudent to realize and accept that not all factors are within your control. Consider that the world we live in is full of pollution. Even if you managed to discover and settle down in the cleanest location, there are still environmental factors that can stress and harm your body.

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Proper dietary supplementation is key to good health

And these “baddies” are lurking everywhere, such as second-hand cigarette smoke, industrial waste, electromagnetic radiation, chemical contaminants, etc.

The good news is you can help your body adapt to such disease-causing stressors. Here’s how: make a conscious effort to seek out and buy dietary antioxidants that contain adaptogens.

Such supplements are particularly important if you reside in industrial urban locations or work in an area which has higher radiation. In general, they are also good for anyone who endeavors to live healthily, have more energy, be sick less often and age gracefully.

Know the Root Cause of Today’s Health Problems

These days, scientists have become increasingly concerned about how the human body can adapt to the high levels of pollution that it encounters on a daily basis; hence the large number of antioxidant pills created and sold by the health industry.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

The bulk of research is devoted to treating and preventing mitochondrial dysfunction, regarded as a key bio-marker of aging. As every cell in our body gets its energy from mitochondria, this cellular powerhouse needs antioxidants — and that’s why we need to take the best ones — to counter oxidation that will gravely affect its function.

A study showed that there was 50% more mitochondrial damage in individuals over 70 years of age compared to those who are middle-aged. Other research have established that mitochondrial dysfunction is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure, Type 2 diabetes and other conditions.

CoQ10 to the Rescue

Fortunately, this dysfunctional situation can be reversed. There have been many scientific studies which dealt with harnessing Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 in short, for its therapeutic powers in boosting mitochondrial health. Many informed people take CoQ10 supplements for this very reason to stay healthy.

The Better Solution for Mitochondrial Health: Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ)

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Do you know which are the best supplements for health? Click the picture to find out…

In case you are keeping up with the lastest in bioenergetics breakthroughs, you would know about PQQ, a micronutrient that has antioxidant properties which protect cells from mitochondrial damage due to oxidation.

In 2010, studies showed that this compound is better than CoQ10 as it is able to grow new mitochondria.

PQQ’s Primary Functions

For starters, it is important to take PQQ for its mitochondrial support — this protects your body against degenerative diseases which can plague the brain, heart and muscles.

While this micronutrient is found in all plant species, it is unclear if humans are able to synthesize it; thus our body needs to take in a minute amount regularly. Studies showed that in bacteria, plants and higher organisms, this nutrient is a potent growth factor.

Findings revealed that if animals were deprived of PQQ, they exhibited stunted growth, immunity problems, reproductive issues and less mitochondria in their tissues. Insufficient amounts of this compound can affect the rate of conception, number of offsprings and may lower juvenile survival rates.

When PQQ was introduced into their systems, the side effects caused by its deficiency were resolved. An increase in mitochondria and energetic efficiency were also observed.

Mitochondria plays such a crucial role in our body, but alas it succumbs easily to oxidative damage. It is the ability of PQQ to scavenge free radicals that can ward off this attack — in fact, it can strengthen, repair and even replace damaged mitochondria.

As a bioactive coenzyme, PQQ helps with energy transfer inside the mitochondria, which gives the human body most of its bioenergy. It is exceptionally stable, as it allows thousands of electron transfers without going through molecular breakdown. It also neutralizes superoxide and hydroxyl radicals, which are commonly found everywhere.

PQQ vs Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Many of us believe that Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic aid, is a great source of anti-oxidants and is all we need. However, it would be wiser to supplement with PQQ, as studies have shown that it is 30 to 5,000 times more effective in reducing oxidation. Overall, it provides a wider range of benefits compared to common antioxidants that the public knows about.

PQQ as a Neuro-protector

Studies about PQQ have been extensive, to say the least. In fact, many scientists were astounded by the numerous benefits of this micronutrient. Even so, one important fact remained.

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PQQ benefits the most complex organ in the body

Since it provided optimal mitochondrial support, PQQ obviously protected different types of internal organs.

The brain, being the most important one, is prone to degenerative disease, which will also wreak havoc on the entire body. Adding this nutrient to one’s daily diet can help slow down such ill effects — indeed, this is a supplement that can help people age gracefully.

After stroke or spinal cord injuries, reactive nitrogen species (RNS) arise and play a major role in long-term neurological damage. PQQ blocks inducible nitric oxide synthase, a major form of RNS, from gene expression and suppresses RNS in experimentally induced strokes.

In animal studies, subjects who were given PQQ a day before a stroke was induced had smaller damaged brain areas. This vitamin-like compound was thus seen to help protect the brain from oxidative damage and inflammation, which can arise due to sudden return of blood and nutrients to the tissues after having been momentarily deprived of them due to stroke.

PQQ also safeguards the Parkinson’s disease gene from self-oxidation, which is one of the first few steps in the onset of this health condition.

Take Heed, Take the Best Antioxidant Supplement

We can’t escape from the nasty pollution present in our world. But we can try to minimize its effects on our health and longevity by feeding the body a good dose of the best antioxidants. One such product available in the market now is Global Healing Center’s most popular dietary supplement: Cell Fuzion.

GHC’s leading health product contains a wide variety of potent antioxidants, including PQQ, to help your body deal with environmental and genetic stressors that cause diseases and accelerate aging. The ingredients also protect DNA and can even create new mitochondria, amongst numerous other benefits. To learn more, read our full review here.

If you are truly dedicated to enjoying a longer and fuller life, make the best investment in your health today: buy Cell Fuzion and give it a serious test. As your health should not be taken so lightly, don’t just look at the price tag of any health supplement in making this major decision.

Sadly, many people do not understand the benefit of taking good care of their body with proper supplementation, on top of eating well and keeping fit. When they finally do realize the importance, it may be the case of too little, too late.

But we are hopeful they will soon discover and learn about the best supplements for health and other tips on healthy living here, so do help to spread the word around.

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